Sounds of the Suburbs

This morning like many mornings, I suited up, laced up, strapped on the leash, grabbed my nano, and proceeded to head out the front door for a 30 minute jog.  Two minutes into it my Nano died.  Ugh.  So I pulled the earbuds out of my ear canals and decided to go it sans music.  I’ve been reading some interesting blogs lately.   A friend turned me onto Zen Habits.  Zen Habits had a guest post from The Happiness Project.  Lots of good stuff there on both blogs to read.  I could waste spend hours reading them.  That is one problem with blogs.  They sometimes lead to other blogs.  And then that blog can lead you to another.  It could get out of control if you let it.  And, unfortunately, I sometimes do.  Anyway, because I’ve been reading these blogs, I wanted to try to be more mindful while I was running.  Really experience the sounds of life around me as I was running.

What I heard:

  • Rushed inhale/exhale of my running partner, my dog, until he settled into his rythmn.
  • The clickty click of my running partner’s nails on the cool pavement.
  • The soft songs of different birds greeting a new day.
  • The swoosh of cars as they whizzed past us on their way to work or school.
  • The jealous barks of all the fenced in dogs we encountered along our route.
  • A mother’s exasperated voice as she informed her offspring that if he didn’t get a move on he was going to late for school. (So glad we no longer deal with the morning rush.)
  • The labored sound of my own breath as I pull in and push out the air in my lungs.


I don’t think I could run this way all the time.  But for a change of pace it was really nice.