Dear Santa Babycakes

Dear SC:

I’ve been very good this year.  Very good.  So all I want for Christmas is a Porteen Gear Camera Bag.  That’s it!  Unless you are feeling extra generous, then I would not be disappointed to find a Nikon 35mm lens under the Christmas tree.  Oh, and maybe a ball-head tripod, if you have the space on the sleigh.  But that’s it.  Really.  Unless you are really feeling your oats the 24th of December, then, okay, maybe my 25-year old stomach. Remember?  The pre-kid one.  And a bladder that doesn’t leak when I sneeze.  Or laugh too hard.  And feel free to go ahead and throw in world peace while you’re at it.

I take that all back.  I’ll just take the world peace.


The other SC